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Combat search and rescue

Elbit Systems’ CaeSAR (Combat Advanced Enhanced Search and Rescue) avionics suite represents a new and innovative approach to combat search and rescue missions.

The suite enhances helicopter capabilities by offering enhanced safety for day and night flight, day and night head-out flight, greater mission efficiency, improved crew coordination, reduced workload, real-time mission management, pre-flight and inflight mission planning and editing, threat avoidance; obstacle awareness, enhanced situational awareness and enhanced survivability.


Elbit Systems’ Combat Advanced Enhanced Search and Rescue - CeaSAR

Comprised of the following integrated subsystems, CaeSAR provides the crew with vital relevant information throughout the course of the mission:

•  HDTS (ANVIS/HUD™ with LOS) – pilot and co-pilot day/night helmet display system for head-out flight, including head tracker capability for improved crew coordination and mission efficiency.

•  Digital Map – advanced, digital 2D and 3D moving map with mission management and flight editing, designed to provide an accurate, real-time tactical picture for enhanced situational awareness.

•  DCoMPASS™ – day CCD and night FLIR EO payload for reconnaissance and observation.

•  PLS – personnel locator system to locate survivors and direct the helicopter crew to their location.

Elbit Systems’ CaeSAR suite has been successfully implemented on helicopters in Asia and Europe, and has accumulated thousands of flight hours.

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