Fixed-Wing HMS

Aero-Applications Canary™

Canary utilizes innovative technology to introduce non-invasive, real-time monitoring of pilot physiology. Canary measures the pilots' blood perfusion, heart rate and oxygen saturation and provides them with an early warning and training for hypoxia or G-Force conditions.

Canary is fully integrated into the Helmet Mounted Display (HMD) system, supporting JHMCS-II, Digital-JHMCS, Digital DASH and the Targo™ suite. No external hardware or wiring modification is required.

Canary enables three levels of implementation, all supporting warnings and training mode:

HMD – Monitoring, analysis and warning display. This option does not require any changes to aircraft hardware or software and supports data recording, personal calibration and event debriefing.

Integration into aircraft – Monitoring and analysis results are transmitted from the HMD to the aircraft mission computer where data is recorded and audio-visual warnings are generated.

Integration with aircraft flight controls – Enables autopilot engagement in the event that the pilot loses consciousness.

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