Train your Cyber Warriors using the same system as the ADF


Elbit Systems of Australia is providing Cyber Training Ranges (or simulators) to the Australian Defence Force to prepare our nation’s next Cyber Warriors. You can also have your IT and cyber security staff trained using the same technology.

On 4 September 2018, the Minister for Defence, the Hon. Christopher Pyne MP, announced that Elbit Systems of Australia was supplying Cyber Ranges and initial training to help the ADF defend against the real cyber threats faced every day. Trainees will learn to identify, track, investigate, respond to and remediate a cyber-attack.

The cyber security challenges the ADF faces are not very different to those facing Australia’s civilian organisations big and small. As Australia’s digital economy enters a period of phenomenal growth, the need to secure our digital assets and businesses looms large. The Federal Government’s 2016 Cyber Security Strategy identified Australia needs to develop a workforce with the right skills and expertise that can help all Australians take full advantage of the opportunities in cyberspace.

Unfortunately, those skills are in short supply. But the best way to tackle a skills shortage is to enhance the skills of our existing staff, students and managers through high quality training and exercises.

This is why Elbit Systems of Australia introduced the Company’s world-leading Cyber Security capability to Australia in late 2017. In addition to providing bespoke Cyber Security Training Ranges and offering training via a permanent facility in Brisbane, the Company also has a mobile Cyber Range for training of ICT and cyber security professionals around the nation.

Training on the Cyber Training Range will help any organisation that is looking to:

  • Teach Cyber Security fundamentals to ICT staff;
  • Upskill Cyber Security professionals;
  • Conduct refresher training;
  • Make graduates job-ready;
  • Build team competencies;
  • Test organsiational readiness and disaster recovery arrangements; and
  • Test skills for recruitment.

For example, Elbit Systems of Australia has commenced providing Cyber Security training for Queensland Government’s IT staff. Training is being conducted at Elbit Systems’ Brisbane facility.

If your organisation has identified the need to increase its cyber security resilience and increase its capability to detect and respond to threats, Elbit Systems has the right solution for you.

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