NBAA 2016: Elbit Systems to Showcase Its Cutting-Edge “Head Up” Solutions, Among Them Recently Certified systems

RSVP to attend our Press Gathering on Tuesday, November 1 at the Company booth #1653, for a briefing on the certification of the ClearVisionTM Combined Vision System and Enhanced Vision System as well as a preview of the latest flights achieved by the SKYLENS wearable display in final configuration mode

Hands-on experience, live demonstrations and displays of cutting-edge solutions for commercial aviation to be presented at the Exhibition

Elbit Systems will present a range of innovative world-leading solutions designed for the changing requirements of the commercial aviation market at the NBAA 2016, set to take place in Orlando Florida from November 1-3, 2016. The Company’s exhibition (booth #1653) will focus on advanced next-generation “Head Up” solutions that provide pilot’s with enhanced situational awareness and increase flight safety.

The following list highlights Elbit Systems solutions and systems to be presented at the show:

Elbit Systems’ ClearVision family is a complete, Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS) that covers the full flight envelope and overcomes extreme weather conditions and low visibility situations – both day and night.




ClearVisionTM Certified HUD – an electro-optic device that presents aircraft data over a transparent glass (combiner), ClearVision HUD is located in front of the pilot. The presented data is collimated to infinity, enabling the pilot to operate the aircraft using out-the window views during critical phases of flight. With eyes focused out in front of the aircraft viewing on the HUD the aircraft flight path vector, aircraft attitude, visual glideslope angle and the runway aim point, pilots can achieve greater precision and situational awareness while increasing safety. In addition, this modern HUD can present external video such as EVS video and supports the benefit of lower landing minimas.


ClearVisionTM Certified EVS – Multispectral EVS, Certified on part 25 the EVS sensor allows the pilot to carry on operating, takeoff and land in low visibility conditions. ClearVision receives information from several sensors, all neatly packed into a single unit, covering different spectral bands, optimized for penetrating poor visibility and providing a fused picture that overcomes the reliance on heat generating objects.

ClearVisionTM Certified Synthetic Vision Systems (SVS) – synthetic vision based on a full database of runways, obstacles, terrain and flight plan information; ready to be displayed on-time and on-need.




ClearVisionTM Certified Combined Vision System (CVS) – provides a high fidelity view of the outside world even when actual visibility is zero and enables pilots to see the runway lights better, in conditions impairing the visibility of unaided approach. This improves the pilots’ ability to execute precision and non-precision approaches and safely land, reducing the risks of Clear Flight into Terrain (CFIT) accidents.



SkylensTM – Packed in a lightweight, easy-to-install device, as intuitive as a pair of sunglasses, Skylens is a revolutionary approach for today’s aviators’ challenges. Operational in all weather conditions, day and night, Skylens provides head-up information and minimizes dependency on airport instrumentation. Skylens is part of the Clearvision EFVS family, displaying high-resolution information, images and video on a high transparency visor, providing superior see-through transmission.





Enhanced Vision System – Superior Performance (EVS-SP™) is the 3rd generation EVS design from the world’s leading EVS provider offering high resolution cooled IR imagery for all weather penetration and world class performance packaged into a single LRU.




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