Elbit Systems will Launch a Wide Range of Groundbreaking New Solutions for Land and Intelligence Applications at Eurosatory 2016



Systems on display will showcase Elbit Systems’ unique capability in providing solutions for the new threats and unconventional challenges that have spurred European military forces and additional armed forces worldwide to equip for urban warfare and
low-intensity conflicts


Among the systems to be launched at the show:

IronVision™ Helmet-Mounted Display for Armored Fighting Vehicles

SupervisIR™ Ground-Based Infrared Wide Area Persistent Surveillance System

Primrose Intelligent Network of Miniaturized Wireless Sensors

SMART Suite Advanced Infrastructure for End-to-End Tactical C4I


At the upcoming Eurosatory 2016 exhibition set to take place in Paris, from June 13 to 17, 2016 Elbit Systems will present a wide range of new and advanced systems and solutions reflecting its reputation as a leader in providing end-to-end solutions for the changing requirements of the modern battlefield. The Company’s exhibition booth #567, in the Israeli Pavilion (Hall 6), will provide visitors with an excellent opportunity to view both new and legacy systems of its cutting-edge solutions for individual soldiers and fighting vehicles, advanced systems and solutions for Land and C4I, Intelligence, Electro-Optics, EW and Protection Systems, as well as Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and more.

The systems on display will showcase Elbit Systems’ unique capability in providing solutions for the new threats and unconventional challenges that have spurred European military forces and additional armed forces worldwide to equip for urban warfare and low-intensity conflicts. These solutions enhance the combat platform capabilities, supporting engagement and force protection while rapidly closing both the sensor-to-shooter and the intelligence loop.

The following ground breaking solutions and systems will be launched during the show:

IronVision Helmet-Mounted Display for Armored Fighting Vehicles is a 360- degree panoramic situational awareness system that enables tank and infantry crewmen to ‘see-through’ their vehicle’s armor in real time, creating a complete and clear visualization of the battlefield.

SupervisIR is a ground-based Infrared Wide Area Persistent Surveillance System that offers greater search-area coverage, an easy user interface and pixel perfect visualization of multiple Regions of Interest.

ISTAR DS is new and advanced solution for dismounted troops that enables an independent intelligence collection and analysis capability for immediate target engagement from the ground, air and sea.

Primrose Intelligent Network of Miniaturized Wireless Sensors are comprised of miniaturized, spatially-distributed, bi-directional, remotely monitored sensors. Deployed at the ground level, these standalone, self-powered, intelligent nodes cooperatively detect and track the movements of people, vehicles and other events. Suspicious activities and exceeded limits set off an instant alert.

A new revolutionary family of advanced Ground Surveillance Radars have 360º day/night, Wide-Area Persistent Surveillance (WAPS) coverage, and unprecedented detection, recognition and tracking capabilities at short to long ranges, in all types of terrain.

SMART Suite Advanced Infrastructure for End-to-End Tactical C4I is a family of products that enable mounted and dismounted forces to maintain the flow of tactical multimedia and data information over heterogeneous tactical networks (legacy, non-IP, IP, etc.), providing a comprehensive application platform for any C4I requirement.

E-LynX™ Family of Mobile Tactical Communications Solutions provides highly advanced mobile ad-hoc networking (MANET) capabilities to a variety of platforms over any terrain type and are already operational with numerous customers worldwide.

Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFVs):

SOLTAM SPEAR introduces revolutionary technology, in an advanced 2nd generation RMS (Recoil Mortar System) that reduces 120mm gun barrel firing recoil loads from 30 to less than 10 tons, enabling adaptability with previously non-installable Light Combat Vehicles (LCVs), such as (Humvees), jeeps and more.

Overhead Remote Controlled Weapon Stations (ORCWS) offering dual-axis stabilization and a high first-round hit probability under full armor protection. Offering excellent performance in battlefield conditions day and night and under poor visibility, the ORCWS product range includes weapons of different types and calibers including 5.56mm (0.22”), 7.62mm (0.3”) and 12.7mm (0.5”) in addition to 40mm automatic grenade launchers.

LWS (Laser Warning System) enables the crew to reverse the roles from hunted to hunter. The LWS includes an array of sensors to identify lasing sources with an accuracy ranging between 1 degree on a return-fire platform, and 3 degrees or less on a platform for assisting in threat location and discovery.

WinBMSTM (Weapon-Integrated Battle Management System) is a networked integrated battle management solution that enhances the connectivity and coordination of maneuvering forces at the tactical level, increasing its lethality and survivability.

Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) for Main Battle Tanks (MBT) and AFVs improves the crew’s performance and safety by reducing fatigue and minimizing exposure to noise, heat and vibrations while allowing the vehicle to operate in silent mode in reduced thermal signature.

Life Support Systems (LSS) is an integrated solution providing NBC/CBRN Protection and Heating, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning (HVAC) for AFVs and other military platforms.

Command, Control, Computers and Communications:

New Launch: E-LynX family of mobile tactical communications solutions includes:

MCTR-7200 tactical software-defined radios offering superior operational versatility for the dismounted soldier. These multi-waveform tactical IP radios feature a uniquely designed software communications architecture, an intuitive user interface and multiple configuration options. The multi-use, single platform

contains powerful programmable hardware that offers reliable triple play services – voice, video and data – simultaneously over a single narrowband tactical 25Hz channel and high speed data over wideband channels.

PNR-1000 lightweight personal network radio (PNR) offers automatic voice and data relay in an advanced system providing 64-member ad-hoc networking including full-duplex voice conferencing, data and video. As the newest generation of PNR at the full NATO RF spectrum 225-512 MHz, the PNR-1000 is the lightest of its kind in the market.

DOMINATORTM suite of solutions is comprised of a series of integrated hardware components, C4I applications and an advanced Load Carriage System developed in-house, dramatically shortening the sensor-to-shooter loop, ensuring battlefield superiority at all times.

HF-8000 Multi-adaptive HF radio systems for continuous long-range communications expand the traditional boundaries of HF communications, while maintaining user-friendliness and operational efficiency. This HF SSB/2- ISB radio system features cutting-edge technology, facilitating robust and reliable communications even in the harshest battlefield conditions.

ELSAT MSR 2100 is a tactical satellite solution for on-the-move beyond line-of-sight (BLOS) communication, ideal for mobile and maneuvering military forces and is fully integrated with the InterSKYTM 4M tactical broadband satellite communication platform.

Tadiran VIC-500IP is an advanced, reliable and customizable digital intercommunication system for fighting vehicles, offering 4th generation digital vehicular intercommunication meeting the most demanding operational scenarios and easily tailored to specific requirements.

GRX-8000 ECCM is a high capacity and frequency-hopping radio relay system for interference-free communications, representing the latest generation NATO Band IV with Dual Mode – High Capacity (HC) and Frequency Hopping (FH) – line-of-sight broadband radio relay system.

Man-pack Miniature Reactive Jammer (MRJ) is a reactive and/or active system against RCIEDs (Remote Controlled Incendiary Devices), developed for ground forces and designed for missions performed by Special Forces or penetration forces with a set frequency range.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS):

SkylarkTM I-LEX is a new generation of the legacy Skylark I-LE mini-UAS. This man-portable electric propelled UAS is best suited for organic “beyond the next hill” reconnaissance, counter insurgency and force protection missions, as well as civil applications including perimeter security, border and coastal surveillance, anti-terror and a variety of law enforcement missions.

SkylarkTM 3 Field Deployed Tactical ISTAR UAS is a tactical mini-UAS optimized for either dismounted or vehicle-based operation, delivering organic airborne ISTAR capabilities to the division, brigade and battalion levels. Skylark 3 enables performance of ongoing covert operations, providing real-time intelligence during day and night.

Intelligence Solutions and Radars:

XACT nv32 is a micro compact image intensifier night vision monocular or dual monocular system. XACT nv32’s revolutionarily light weight allows extended usage time. Its exceptional Image quality is due to high end auto gated image intensified tubes and glass optics. Multiple mounting options maximize operator adaptability.

XACT th64 is a thermal weapon sight, that can be either weapon mounted or hand held, XACT th64 has a genuine shutter-less uncooled thermal engine and a completely digital display and operation. Its built-in recorder allows capture of image and videos. The sight is light weight with small dimensions.

Rattler™ GX is a dismounted miniature coded designator/marker with built-in LRF (Laser Range-Finder). Enabling rapid, effective fire to bear on hostile targets, its miniature size, weight and power (SWaP), facilitated by cutting edge diode-pumped technology, make it body wearable and easily accessible.

Rattler H is a pistol-like laser designator/marker that can be easily carried by soldiers and used conveniently whenever laser marking is required.

Long View CR-D is a highly advanced system with a unique ability to acquire long-range targets or to observe small targets, such as enemy fighters, in high spatial resolution under severe visual conditions day or night.

Modular Gunner Sight (MGS) is designed for high-accuracy target engagement and fire on-the-move during day and night at all combat scenarios and all weather conditions.

Foxtrack™ Portable Ground Surveillance Radar System is lightweight and compact man-portable radar carried by two operators – soldiers, special operations forces or security personnel. It functions in a tripod-mounted configuration or can be installed on-board a vehicle.

MBR Radar is the next generation of man-portable medium range Ground Surveillance Radars (GSR) and Sea Surveillance Radars (SSR). The MBR radar is capable of continuously (without any time gap) detecting ground and seaborne moving targets and low flying small aircraft and rotorcraft, providing detection, automatic tracking and classification of the targets.

FPR-10 – Foliage Penetration Radar (GSR) provides long-range, accurate, high-resolution detection of vehicles and personnel that are located in or behind foliage. The FPR-10 is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions as well as foliage interferences and disturbances.

Airborne Self-Protection:

LG²MK – precise, lightweight and small it converts existing 120 mm standard mortars into pinpoint accuracy weapons. The LG²MK supports minimum collateral damage.

mini-MUSIC™ is the newest member in Elbit Systems Electro-optics Elop’s MUSIC family of proven DIRCM systems. Lightweight and compact, mini-MUSIC diverts MANPADS threats, using the same proven fiber laser technology employed by all the MUSIC systems. Providing superior protection, mini-MUSIC is easily installed on small and medium rotary and fixed-wing platforms.

Training and Simulation:

Platforms and Weapon Operators Training Systems offer a wide range of proven live, virtual and constructive solutions for the training of formations, crews, commanders, gunners and drivers. Suitable for a variety of wheeled and tracked platforms and weapons, these land forces training systems are deployed worldwide, and include mission training centers, embedded, independent and appended tank crew trainers, driving simulators and infantry gunner training systems.

Live Soldier Combat Training System is an innovative live training suite that combines laser, communication and control for all dismounted soldiers training scenarios and provides a comprehensive solution for joint tactical force-on-force live training.



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