Elbit Systems – Sigmabit Will Present Innovative Signal Intelligence Systems and HLS Capabilities at Nextech 2016

Intelligence gathering for HLS applications including data

integration, signal interception and cyber intelligence


Elbit Systems- Sigmabit, will showcase its groundbreaking solutions stemming from in-house collaboration with Elbit Systems EW & amp; SIGINT Elisra, at the Nextech exhibit in Be’er Sheva, Israel on November 30 th 2016.




New products launched at the exhibit:

Signet™ – is a Cyber RF intelligence system, capable of scanning, collecting and intercepting long distance Wi-Fi signals to decipher valuable information including access point ID, MAC address, and encryption types and acquire target device information. Signet™ is tailored to address the client’s operational requirements.



E-Merge- is a real-time geospatial data analytics system, providing integration capabilities of large amounts of data collected (from security cameras, EO sensors and radars). The system is highly reliable in a variety of scenarios including law enforcement, HLS command & control (C²) border protection and Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP), performing pattern recognition and real- time anomaly recognition at any given arena. E-Merge creates an intelligence image, providing only relevant information according to client specifications.

About Sigmabit:

Elbit Systems – Sigmabit is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Elbit Systems EW & SIGINT Elisra technology innovation Company residing at the Be’er Sheva High- Tech Park. The company offers innovative solutions and cutting edge technologies in the fields of Intelligence, Big Data analytics and cyber Systems. Elbit Systems – Sigmabit solutions cater to both military and civilian applications, offering fully operational systems for Homeland Security missions.



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