Cyber Security Training for Australia


Powerful new training system to tackle critical cyber skills shortage

The world’s most advanced cyber security training simulator has been launched in Australia.  The simulator is to be deployed in specialist training courses to assist in overcoming a critical national shortage of cyber security experts.

Known in the industry as a cyber security training range, the advanced platform is being deployed by universities and corporations around the world to address a global skills gap in the prevention of cyber attacks such as ransomware and attempts to cripple networked control systems.

Developed by global cyber security company Cyberbit, the cyber security training range and accompanying training courses are being rolled out in Australia by affiliated company, Elbit Systems of Australia (ELSA).

ELSA’s new Director Cyber Services and Systems, Pip Wyrdeman, a former cyber security adviser to the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, has joined ELSA to see Australia develop a world-leading capability in cyber security.

“When the opportunity to join Elbit Systems of Australia came up and they showed me their cyber training range, I was excited. I was excited to see a product that could go into the academic space, the lower education spaces, government, industry and small business and offer something that just doesn’t exist anywhere else,” Ms Wyrdeman said.

The risk of cyber attack is growing by the day and both the government and corporate sectors must quickly address skills shortages to ensure vital networks are not crippled.

“The risk of cyber attack is considerable and it’s getting worse,” Ms Wyrdeman said.

“There is not a day goes by without some new form of attack being reported. The most recent prominent example was the attack on the Winter Olympics. There was a lot effort to protect that event from cyber attack, but somebody who had the motivation found a way. This will continue to happen.

“A report from the World Economic Forum says the cyber security threat is second only to the risks of natural disasters and extreme weather events. Globally, it’s a greater risk than terrorism and Australia is not immune.

“What ELSA wants to do is take the best training capability that the world has to offer and integrate that into the Australian environment, raising the cyber resilience of the whole nation which will be an awesome outcome.”

Ms Wyrdeman says the Cyberbit range is unique among training platforms.

“Among its advantages is its ability to automatically run attack scenarios without the need to have people on hand who know how to execute a cyber attack. All the focus is on training people in how to deal with a variety of attacks that are automatically generated by the system.

“The cyber range has effectively captured all the main types of cyber attacks and our researchers constantly analyse new attacks and update the system as required. 

“During my career in information and cyber security I’ve seen the need for great training that can provide those who protect and defend our networks with real skills and confidence, not just knowledge and certifications. The deep emersion training we run on the cyber training range is the best opportunity Australia has to fill its skills gap and take hold of the opportunities the global digital economy provides,” Ms Wyrdeman said.

Training is available now in Brisbane with a second, mobile range available for training across the country.

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