Elbit Systems XACT Weapon Sights Enter Operational Service with the IDF

The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) have adopted the Elbit Systems XACT family of Weapon Sights for operational use by both Infantry and Special Forces.

The XACT th65 and XACT th64 uncooled thermal imaging weapon sights will enter operational service with the Infantry and Special Forces.

The Australian Army has already adopted the XACT th65 with approximately 5000 units already in service.

Available in clip-on or stand-alone configuration, the compact XACT weapon sights enable effective operation in day and night. Featuring a high resolution colored OLED display, image processing capabilities and a Region of Interest algorithm, XACT weapon sights enable effective target engagement even under degraded visibility conditions. Embedding a unique calibration algorithm, XACT weapon sights eliminate the need for Non Uniformity Calibration (NUC) or shutter-based calibration thereby enabling continuous and consistent operation. The XACT th64 provides vehicle target recognition from a 1,100-meter range and human target recognition from a 600-meter range, while the XACT th65 enables vehicle target recognition from 1,250 meters and human target recognition from 750 meters. Both weapon sights are housed in a sealed fully submersible metal housing.

Elad Aharonson, General Manager of Elbit Systems ISTAR Division said that XACT systems have been selected by numerous customers.

“The XACT family of systems is a good example of our continuous efforts to deliver technologies that increase both mission effectiveness and safety.”