UAS Introduction

Elbit Systems offers a comprehensive range of UAS  – from man-portable Skylark™ LEX mini UAS, through versatile tactical UAS and up to the next generation Hermes™ 900 medium altitude long  endurance (MALE) UAS. Our UAS are designed based on decades of operational experience and are in service with numerous military and security users worldwide. They are the backbone of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF’s) UAS force. Elbit Systems’ extensive experience and innovative approach to all aspects of UAS development, production, fielding and support result in outstanding UAS performance and highly effective operational yields around the globe.
We leverage our advanced in-house capabilities in air vehicle and mission system design and production, communications, cutting edge sensors and other payloads, simulation systems, operational experience, system integration and program management capabilities to provide cutting edge, cost effective turnkey UAS solutions for our customers. We are also active in cooperative activities with local industry and customers, adapting our systems to overall customer program requirements.

Hermes™ 900 – Multi-role, Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE

Hermes 900 is our next generation multi-role MALE UAS. It features over-the-horizon, persistent multi-mission, multi-payload capabilities with class leading payload carrying capacity of 350 kgs. It is capable of performing missions for area dominance, persistent intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance (ISTAR). Hermes 900 also can perform ground support and maritime patrol missions, and offers the capability for integrated multi-platform, multi-sensor operation. Based on the heritage of over 300,000 operational flight hours of the Hermes 450 UAS,   the Hermes 900 employs identical building blocks using a larger air vehicle with nearly double the performance. Hermes 900 incorporates flexible cutting edge multi- payload configurations employing standard and long-range EO/IR/Laser, SAR/GMTI & MPR, COMINT/DF, COMINT GSM, CoMMJAM, ELINT, EW, hyperspectral systems, large area scanning systems, wide area persistent surveillance and other payloads.
Mission management is performed in a highly autonomous manner via the Hermes ground control system (GCS) designed to control combined Hermes 900 and Hermes 450 missions. Hermes 900 can perform two concurrent missions from the same GCS using two ground data terminals  (GDTs).
Hermes 900 is the most recent MALE UAS procured by the IDF as well as by multiple international customers.
Take-off weight    1,180 kg
Max Payload       350 kg
Endurance           up to 36 hours
Service Ceiling     30,000 ft

Hermes™ 450 – Tactical Long Endurance UAS

A multi-role high performance tactical UAS and the primary platform of the IDF in counter-terror operations, Hermes 450 is a mature and combat proven UAS with over 300,000 operational flight hours and a class leading safety and reliability record.


Hermes 450 incorporates cutting edge payloads with selected dual-payload configurations. Choice of payloads includes EO/IR/Laser, SAR/GMTI & MPR, COMINT/COMMJAM, ELINT, hyper-spectral systems, large area scanning systems and other payloads. Hermes 450’s highly autonomous and ergonomic operation results in high mission effectiveness with no piloting skills required. 


The system is easily mobilized and rapidly deployable. Mission management is performed via the Hermes GCS. Hermes 450 can perform two concurrent missions from the same GCS using two2 GDTs.
As you read these lines, there are bound to be over 20 At any given time numerous Hermes UAVs UAS are airborne performing for operational missions worldwide. Hermes 450 is the basis for the UK WATCHKEEPER program.

  • Take-off weight 550 kg
  • Max Payload 180 kg
  • Endurance 17 hours
  • Service Ceiling 18,000 ft

Hermes™ 90- Close Range, long endurance

An expeditionary, high performance, low cost tactical UAS, Hermes 90 provides an optimized combination of high-end tactical UAS characteristics, with high mobility, rapid deployment, point launch & recovery in harsh field conditions and at significantly lower cost. It is a highly autonomous system with mission effective flight modes such as fly-by-camera (available in all Elbit Systems’ UAS) , a variety of quality mission payloads and flexible deployment schemes.


Hermes 90 is a self sustained system designed for maneuvering forces. It is runway independent, offering flexible launch and recovery methods to suit the applicable operational requirements and terrain features. Offering a choice of high quality payloads including EO/IR/Laser, COMINT, large area scanning payloads and more, Hermes 90 is  a technology leading  cost effective UAS solution for combat, peace keeping, homeland defense, security and other military and non-military applications.


Take-off weight – 115 kg
Max Payload – 25 kg
Endurance – 15 hours
Service Ceiling – 15,000 ft
Range – 100 km

Skylark™ I – LEX – Mini UAS

Skylark™ I-LEX is the latest evolution of the battle-proven, high-performance Skylark I system, which has been delivered to over 30 different users worldwide. Skylark I-LEX’s outstanding capabilities are based on operational experience gained through tens of thousands of operational sorties by the IDF, as the standard battalion level UAS, and various NATO and other international users all of which were accomplished with the outmost reliability and excellent safety record. The operational success of the system has been translated to several international contracts received already this year for the delivery of the Skylark I-LEX system.


Skylark I-LEX is an organic, highly covert aerial ISR asset delivering actionable, high resolution video in real-time. It enables man-packed or vehicle-based deployment and allows for static or on-the-move operation. Designed for in-theater operation by maneuvering forces, Skylark I-LEX is fully autonomous from takeoff, throughout the mission and landing.

Its mission-oriented, intuitive man-machine interface (MMI) makes it the optimal solution for a variety of  missions – Best fitted for organic “beyond the next hill” reconnaissance, counter insurgency and force protection missions, civil and commercial applications including perimeter security, border and coastal surveillance, anti-terror and a variety of law enforcement missions.

Highly covert aerial intelligence – Electric propelled, the Skylark I-LEX is a proven ISR asset on the battlefield. Advanced communication features -Skylark I-LEX offers a gimbaled and stabilized payload, delivering high-quality day and night real-time video within a 40 km LOS communication range. Advanced image processing capabilities include tracker, moving target indicator, geo-registration, and mosaicing.

Designed for ease of operation – The mini UAS is specifically designed for rapid deployment and is exceedingly simple to operate.

Among the Skylark I-LEX main improvements:
• Better Air Vehicle performance
• Enhanced Safety features and Airworthiness
• Integration with the “Best in class” day / night / dual Payload
• Secured, encrypted communication system
• Simultaneous operation of two Air Vehicles, up to a range of 40 km.
• Advanced Ground Control Station, introducing modern GUI, Automatic Tracker, Automatic motion detection.
•  Adaptable User Interface to the customer’s language – optional.
• Advanced Remote Video Terminal allowing payload control by forward deployed operators

• Takeoff weight – 7.5 kg
• Max payload 1.2
• Endurance 3 hrs
• Service ceiling 15000 ft
• Range 40 km

ISTAR Management Center

The ISTAR Management Center (IMC) is made available by Elbit Systems to further enhance the operational benefits of employing UAS and/or additional ISTAR means to provide an important force multiplier. Using the IMC it is possible to plan, execute and monitor coordinated missions of multiple UAS and other collection assets controlled by multiple ground stations, all managed by a common situation and management center. The IMC’s forte is its ability to provide commanders with data received by all deployed platforms and sensors. The mission commander is provided with an overall view, received from various intelligence gathering sensors, displaying aerial platform mission assignments and a combined tactical picture. The IMC allows rapid intelligence flow for improved overall mission efficiency. Mission instructions are sent by the commander directly to the operators in the UAS GCS and other mission systems as applicable. Video and data are displayed simultaneously on the mission station screens and at the management center. All data managed and displayed in the IMC can be transmitted to the external ground forces’ C4I systems.

Hermes™ Universal Ground Control Station (UGCS)

The Hermes Universal Ground Control Station is common to all Hermes UAV platforms and can be mobile or fixed, standard size or down-sized. Its side-by-side identical and redundant operator consoles feature ruggedized COTS H/W and commercial S/W tools for quick and easy mission planning, management and control. Built-in data exploitation and dissemination and an advanced system concept allow “single-operator” GCS operation.
The UGCS is built to enable the full control of any type of UAV. It provides full mission debriefing and simulation as well as in-flight mission editing and payload control. The UGCS system includes a ground data terminal, a remote video terminal and a flight line tester/loader. STANAG 4586 interoperability capability is optional.

UAS Services

Elbit Systems UAS support our customers in flexible business configurations. For customers desiring to employ UAS prior to owning a system, Elbit Systems offers service/lease-based UAS programs. In such programs the system remains the property of Elbit Systems but is made available to the customer with versatile operating and manning arrangements including, if desired, full contractor turnkey operation.

Other options such as operation by the customer and maintenance and support by Elbit Systems are also available.

Seagul™ Multi-Mission USV System

Game Changing MCM and ASW Advantages

The Seagull Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) systems’ Mine Counter Measures (MCM) capability facilitates end-to-end mine hunting operations including detection, classification, localization, identification and neutralization of bottom, moored and drifting sea mines while taking the sailor out of the mine field. The Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW) capability provides the navy with a significant tactical advantage by effectively deterring and threatening enemy submarines using an available asset with significantly lower risk.

Multi-Mission Capability

Featuring switchable, modular mission payload suites, Seagull can perform ASW and MCM, Electronic Warfare (EW), Maritime Security (MS), Hydrography and other missions using the same vessels, mission control system and data links.

Lower Risk, Costs and Manpower Requirements

Drawing on decades of Elbit Systems’ unmanned systems experience and leadership, Seagull offers navies a true force multiplier delivering enhanced performance to naval operations, reducing risk to human life and dramatically cutting procurement and operating costs.

Swiss Program

Invitation to participate in Swiss Unmanned Air Vehicle Systems (UAS-15) Program – Hermes™ 900 HFE

Elbit Systems Ltd. is competing to develop and supply Armasuisse’s next Unmanned Air Vehicle System, and is seeking Swiss suppliers and manufacturers to participate in this challenging and rewarding program in the following areas:
  1. Composite material parts (including raw materials)
  2. Machined parts
  3. Electronic assembly and sub-assembly
  4. Aircraft electronic harnesses / cables (including RF cables)
  5. General electronic harnesses / cables
In addition to this program, suitable firms will be considered for subcontracts in other Elbit Systems Ltd.’s on-going and future programs.
In your response, please indicate:
  1. Business type and scope of activities in the required area
  2. Areas of expertise (indicating subcontracted activities)
  3. Locations of operation (city, canton) including activities in each
  4. Examples of products
  5. Formal qualifications
Detailed requirements:
we are looking for manufacturers with expertise and experience in the following areas:

Composite material parts:
  • Wet lay-up technology, manufacturing of composite aircraft parts such as fuel tanks and aerodynamic control surfaces (we will provide the required engineering data, special molds and tools).
  • Capability for design and production of the basic molds and jigs required for production.
Machined parts
  • By-spec production of aluminum aircraft parts, basic assembly using various fasteners (screws, anchor nuts, rivets etc.) and quality testing including non-destructive testing (NDT).
Electronic assembly
  • Build-to-print assembly and testing of aircraft avionic components (LRU). We will provide the engineering data and test equipment, as well as the unit sub-parts.
  • Capability to manufacture internal cabling and mechanical interfaces.
Aircraft electronic harnesses
  • Build-to-print production and testing of avionic-grade harnesses including multi-branch cables, loomed covers and EMC shielding.
  • Build-to-print production and testing of aircraft RF cables (including VSWR testing).
  • Capability for design and manufacturing of cable-production jigs.
Firms interested in participating are kindly requested to download the enclosed form [ Download PDF File ]
fill in the required details and email it to: