Electro-optics Systems

EO – Introduction

As the largest electro-optics (EO) company outside the U.S., Elbit Systems Electro-optics – Elop (Elop) focuses on innovative, flexible and affordable EO solutions. Our vision is to foresee emerging operational battlefield requirements and provide suitable end-to-end EO-based solutions for these requirments.
Elop’s power of vision has generated a product and system level portfolio that includes some of the most advanced EO-based solutions on the market today.  These systems are successfully deployed on thousands of land, airborne, space and maritime platforms around the world. We pride ourselves on providing customers with the optimal solutions for intelligence gathering, force protection, target acquisition and fire control, as well as homeland security. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is the driving force behind our efforts to meet today’s most challenging operational scenarios.
Our products and systems have been successfully fielded globally by major defense forces such as the U.S. Marines and U.S. Navy, several NATO armed forces, the Israel Defense Forces and additional modern defense and homeland security forces around the world. 
The company’s products and systems meet the highest industry standards. Elop is certified for ISO 9001-2000, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and SAE AS9100.

Land Application

As a market leader for decades, Elbit Systems Electro-optics – Elop comprehensive range of electro-optic solutions meets the operational needs and challenges of a wide variety of forces and scenarios. From night sights and target acquisition systems through payloads and perimeter security, to laser designators and thermal imagers, Elop extends the early warning and rapid response capabilities of ground forces.

Our diverse arsenal of electro-optic systems has resulted in the capability to tailor end-to-end solutions, from stand-alone systems to large-scale upgrades. Our technological breakthroughs and systems have set the industry standards for added value, performance and reliability.



  • IVORY-Z – Thermal imaging sensor operating in the 3-5μm spectral band. Specially designed for remote operation applications such as CWS, surveillance systems, observation towers, unmanned turrets.
  • Driver Thermal Viewer [DTV] – Enables vehicle maneuvering in total darkness. DTV is easily operated and simple to integrate to the vehicle. It is a cost-effective solution for diverse types of platforms, from light vehicles to MBTs.
  • Panoramic Observation System [POS] – Provides 360° observation and real-time threat detection and recognition around the vehicle. The views are displayed together as a panorama of the scene. POS includes sensors with CCD day cameras and a low-lux ICCD camera or an optional uncooled IR front camera.
  • Countermeasure System – an omni-directional Vehicle-Mounted IR Counter Measure (VIRCM) system capable of jamming anti-tank ground missiles (ATGMs). This all-round protection solution is designed for installation on a variety of ground and naval military platforms. The system was developed according to rigorous military requirements and designed for automatic operation without crew intervention. The system is fielded and operational.
  • COMET – the comet product line consists of navigation and orientation sensors which provide azimuth angles and self location coordinates with inertial backup for periods of GPS unavailability. The most costeffective solution for any vehicle program upgrade.

Airborne Application

Elbit Systems Intelligence and Electro-optics – Elop (Elop) is a pioneer in developing systems to protect aircraft  from multiple threats. These systems provide advanced capabilities in compact and lightweight configurations, critical factors in airborne platforms.
Elop’s highly effective solutions range from thermal imagers, hyperspectral cameras and other sensors, through high-end payloads, to head-up displays and a full range of ISR solutions.
Our airborne EO systems, as the MUSIC™ family of DIRCM solutions and the SWORD laser radar systems, enjoy a strong and sustained worldwide demand delivering a cutting edge combat advantage to platforms such as UK Watchkeeper, U.S. Cobra and C-130 gunships.

Maritime Applications

Optimized for maritime applications,  Elbit Systems Intelligence and Electro-optics – Elop’s (Elop) naval  sensors and systems, and highly advanced coastal security systems deliver outstanding 24/7 intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and identification capabilities.

The battle-proven Elop CoMPASS™ family of stabilized EO payloads is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions such as Sea State 6.  Members of the CoMPASS payload family are currently in operational service worldwide with various of navies and coast guard forces. The payloads feature day/night imaging sensors and laser designators for reconnaissance, intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and target designation.
Additionally, Elop offers comprehensive harbor and coastal security and surveillance systems for monitoring maritime traffic, prevention of smuggling, illegal shipments, customs violations and unlawful infiltration, controlling fishing activities and coordination of search and rescue. 

Our unique proprietary technologies are outstanding tools for the full range of naval and coastal protection activities.

Space Application

Elbit Systems Intelligence and Electro-optics – Elop (Elop)  is a globally recognized leader in development and production of complex space borne electro-optic observation systems. Elop invests heavily in advanced research, concentrating on space telescopes and space cameras, in different wavelengths, for military, government and civilian space applications. Elop’s products high resolution in the compact, cost effective packages.
For three decades, Elop has been engaged in the development, manufacture and testing of advanced EO systems for a variety of space applications including:
  • Research space telescopes
  • Space cameras, including ERMS, EROS, Venus and Ofeq
  • Hyperspectral systems

Tactical Solutions

The Elbit Systems – ITL business line specializes in the development, manufacturing and marketing of a wide variety of advanced electro-optic solutions  in the fields of counter-terrorism, special operations’ equipment, tactical measures for infantry warfare and solutions for paramilitary challenges.
Our main tactical products include:
  • XACT NV32  – the newest member of Elbit Systems – ITL’s night vision monocular family, an extremely compact and lightweight monocular.
  • Coyote family of uncooled thermal weapon sights and pocket scopes.
  • A wide range of reflex and telescopic aiming sights with several modes of indications and reticle patterns in accordance with customer requirements.
  • Elbit Systems – ITL also specializes in developing and supplying integrated laser range-finder solutions for various maritime, airborne and ground applications. Our Ranger product line is part of our globally known laser range-finder family. The Ranger is a closed-frame line of modules designed for OEM implementations. It is ideal for integration as part of a multi-sensor suite and/or weapon system and is compact, simple and easy to handle, assemble and dismount under all operational, terrain and weather conditions.

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