Military Satellite Communication

Military Satellite Communication – Introduction

Elbit Systems Land and C4I  InterSKY® 4M military satellite communication offering is designed to ensure highly reliable delivery of video, data and voice services between military headquarters and field units. With support for both over-the-horizon (OTH) and beyond line-of-sight (BLOS) two-way communication, InterSKY® 4M enables both stationary and mobile military units at all levels to maintain full connectivity and tactical flexibility at all times. Elbit Systems’ cutting edge satellite communication system operates at Ku-band and is fully compatible with both commercial and military satellites.
Elbit Systems’ fourth generation military broadband satellite communication offering is designed to deliver the very reliable and efficient broadband IP satellite communication infrastructure to government and military organizations. InterSKY® 4M can provide military command centers, deployed units and troops in the field – with highly reliable and high quality broadband IP access.
Bypassing terrestrial and short-range wireless communication bottlenecks and limitations, the technology delivers connectivity at unprecedented speeds, bringing Internet access and broadband multi-service (voice, video and data) capabilities to military units and personnel anywhere. With a combination of adaptive coding and modulation (ACM) and automatic uplink power control (AUPC), InterSKY® 4M ensures both high signal quality and high availability, allowing provision of failsafe access in the full range of climate and environmental conditions.
InterSKY® 4M enables the implementation of a comprehensive array of military satellite communication applications, spanning the following key arenas:
  • Static arena applications, serving the high command, strategic fixed network and territorial command posts
  • Deployed arena applications, serving divisional command posts, brigade command posts and Special Forces
  • Maneuvering arena applications, serving battalion command posts and Special Forces