An advanced 4th generation digital vehicular intercommunications system, the Tadiran VIC-500-I meets the most demanding operational scenarios and is easily tailored to specific requirements.

The basic system enables the interface of up to six user units and four HF/VHF/UHF radios and can be expanded to handle up to twelve users and a greater number of radios. The Tadiran VIC-500-I offers crew members reliable voice and data communications both inside and outside the vehicle.

High Capacity Radio Relays

The high capacity radio relays (HCRR) operate in military high-frequency bands of 1350 to 2690MHz and 4400 to 5000MHz.  The HCRRs deliver a very high data rate (up to 100Mbps) utilizing powerful anti-jamming capabilities, enhanced error correction and interleaving.
The field-proven products – Tadiran GRC-408E, GRC-2000 and GRX-4000 ensure optimal jamming immunity and integrate these features with data security, high constellations  and highly-efficient modems containing soft-decision capabilities.  An antenna positioning unit utilized at tactical mast top for rapid tactical deployment  provides optimal and automatic link establishment. These HCRR products feature a user-friendly interface with full remote control capabilities.

The Tadiran GRC-408E, GRC-2000 and GRX-4000 are field-proven products that integrate these features with data security, high constellation and highly-efficient modems containing soft-decision capabilities.  An antenna positioning unit utilized at tactical mast top for rapid tactical deployment  provides optimal and automatic link establishment. These HCRR products feature a user-friendly interface with full remote control capabilities.

VHF-UHF Multi-Band Radio

A  new multi-band multi-role hand-held VHF/UHF radio
The PRC-710MB is an effective solution for advanced voice and data communications. With excellent spectral purity, this frequency hopping radio guarantees superior tactical communications for lethal missions in adverse weather and dense electromagnetic and operational environments.

It provides continuous AM and FM frequency coverage throughout the entire 30 MHz – 512 MHz range to facilitate communications between ground, airborne and naval forces.

Software-defined radios (SDR)

The E-LynX™ family of mobile tactical communications solutions is based on the most advanced software-defined radio technology, supporting broadband data communications across maneuvering tactical joint battle groups. Comprised of the latest generation multi-band channel waveform tactical IP radios, the E-LynX family provides advanced mobile ad-hoc networking (MANET) capabilities to a variety of platforms over any terrain type.

Software-defined radios (SDR) offer secure and reliable communications on the battlefield.  Strong error correction algorithms eliminate the possibility of lost data packets, and a self-healing, self forming ad-hoc networking capability ensures robust data communications of several megabits per second at adaptable bandwidths.
SDRs allow for simultaneous transmissions of wideband waveform (WF) and narrowband WF. The narrowband WF includes simultaneous voice and data transmission using only 25Khz of the VHF bandwidth, while allowing a maximum data rate of 115.2Kbps. A distinctive automatic routing and relay capability dramatically extends its reach even over harsh field conditions, while mobile ad-hoc networking (MANET) provides continuous IP networking connectivity throughout any mission. The SDR is housed in a single radio unit, improving operational efficiency by enabling the use of fewer radios in the field.

Military IP radio

Elbit Systems’ military IP radio (MIPR) supports ultra-high bandwidth of up to 13.3Mbps for the transmission of high-resolution video and images. Providing connectivity for dozens of members per network, MIPR supports a variety of configurations including point-to-point (PtP), point-to-multipoint (PtMP) and MANETs. Data security is ensured with cutting edge encryption technology. Data, voice and video IP data packets are delivered in accordance with a configurable QoS scheme.

Telephony Encryption

Designed to meet the highest security standards with its advanced management tools, Elbit Systems provides a comprehensive voice, data and fax security solution across the full spectrum of fixed-line, wireless, satellite and newer IP-based networks. Elbit Systems’ solutions are completely transparent to the end-user, deploying cutting-edge encryption technology and supporting commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) telecommunications equipment and mobile devices. These flexible secure communications solutions offer the highest level of security and are trusted by the military, governments, emergency services and enterprises worldwide.

SAPPHIRE  – Elbit Systems’ newest encryption unit – utilizes robust, high-performance encryption technology to provide the highest level of point-to-point communications security. The SAPPHIRE product line is available for purchase through our distributors and representatives by mail order, telephone and online transactions.

Multimedia Routing Solutions

Elbit Systems’ multimedia routing solutions deliver voice, data and video to all branches of the fighting force via mobile ad-hoc tactical radio networks. The family of products comprises a range of versatile tactical multimedia routers (TMR), including TMR®  Core, which connects armored vehicles and mobile command posts via IP and non-IP radio networks; TMR®, which is sufficiently lightweight to be carried by a single foot soldier, and TMR® Max, which is a powerful data router that can support multiple CNRs and crew stations simultaneously. These solutions enable dismounted soldiers, armored vehicles and command posts to share multimedia information in real time.

Military Satellite Communication – Introduction

Elbit Systems Land and C4I  InterSKY® 4M military satellite communication offering is designed to ensure highly reliable delivery of video, data and voice services between military headquarters and field units. With support for both over-the-horizon (OTH) and beyond line-of-sight (BLOS) two-way communication, InterSKY® 4M enables both stationary and mobile military units at all levels to maintain full connectivity and tactical flexibility at all times. Elbit Systems’ cutting edge satellite communication system operates at Ku-band and is fully compatible with both commercial and military satellites.
Elbit Systems’ fourth generation military broadband satellite communication offering is designed to deliver the very reliable and efficient broadband IP satellite communication infrastructure to government and military organizations. InterSKY® 4M can provide military command centers, deployed units and troops in the field – with highly reliable and high quality broadband IP access.
Bypassing terrestrial and short-range wireless communication bottlenecks and limitations, the technology delivers connectivity at unprecedented speeds, bringing Internet access and broadband multi-service (voice, video and data) capabilities to military units and personnel anywhere. With a combination of adaptive coding and modulation (ACM) and automatic uplink power control (AUPC), InterSKY® 4M ensures both high signal quality and high availability, allowing provision of failsafe access in the full range of climate and environmental conditions.
InterSKY® 4M enables the implementation of a comprehensive array of military satellite communication applications, spanning the following key arenas:
  • Static arena applications, serving the high command, strategic fixed network and territorial command posts
  • Deployed arena applications, serving divisional command posts, brigade command posts and Special Forces
  • Maneuvering arena applications, serving battalion command posts and Special Forces