C4I Systems

C4I – Introduction

Accurate situational awareness allows for quick coordination and effective responses to rapidly changing operational scenarios. Leveraging in-house development of underlying technologies, products, platforms and systems, Elbit Systems is a leading developer of innovative and comprehensive C4I systems for the full range of defense forces.

We have developed expertise in digitized battlefield C4I by applying advanced technologies in combination with commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware and software packages. Our systems employ a tactical building-block approach to link various applications and levels of command implementing a net-centric concept. Configurations comprise tactical computers, digital maps, message handling systems, border surveillance, advanced communication controllers and modems as well as various components developed for customer-specific needs. We also provide software infrastructure and applications for mobile and airborne platforms, for the individual soldier, and for headquarters Command and Control (C2) applications. Based on these core technology building blocks, we offer our customers comprehensive integrated solutions of C4I for land forces at all levels.
The systems process, manage and present massive amounts of data arriving from various sources into a user-friendly format. We also provide a full range of simulators and customizable training programs.

Elbit Systems’ range of C4I solutions includes:

  • Computers: Tactical computing solutions suited to all applications and to all levels of fighting forces.
  • Communications: Complete tactical communication solutions that enable timely and relevant information dissemination to all facets of the force, from the individual soldier to vehicle commanders, deployed command posts and general headquarters. These communications solutions encompass radio, IP and satellite equipment and systems. Tactical internet is enabled by systems such as our Tactical Multimedia Router (Elbit TMR™), a unique military-grade triple-play IP routing solution for mobile and deployed command posts.
  • Intelligence: A range of sensors and systems for intelligence gathering as well as tools for processing and evaluation.
  • Command and Control: As part of the “total force” concept, we provide our customers with the capabilities to deploy land forces on a networked and joint basis, maximizing power and accuracy while minimizing the risk of friendly fire and collateral damage. These battle-proven, interconnected systems enable modern forces to synchronize their response with speed, precision and intelligence. Fully aware that advanced C4I is the key to coordinating an effective response to acts of terrorism, we have developed comprehensive netcentric solutions for Low Intensity Conflicts (LIC) by connecting intelligence data to combat forces via C4I systems and mobile C2 posts. Our Integrated Infantry Combat Systems (IICS) provide infantry units with C4ISR, field intelligence, urban warfare and peacekeeping capabilities. As part of our integrative systems, we offer Personal Combat Displays (PCD) and a broad range of UAS, mini-UAS, tactical observation aerostats, observation and intelligence vehicles, night-vision devices and lasers. These innovative, fully-integrated modular systems provide infantry soldiers with greater situational awareness, enhanced force coordination and a shortened sensor-to-shooter loop.

Artillery, Air Defense and Mortar

A supplier of advanced artillery systems for over 25 years, Elbit Systems Land and C4I has proven experience with large variety of artillery guns, launchers and mortar types, advanced integration capabilities with various types of radios and artillery sensors, and a deep understanding artillery processes, ballistic computing and battlefield management.

Our Artillery, Air Defense and Mortar services include:

  • Platform Upgrades  – comprehensive upgrade of existing platforms, including C4I, fire control and navigation systems. 
  • Truck Mounted Guns – artillery modernization for heavy and light platforms utilizing existing towed, track, or mounted guns – improving effectiveness, accuracy and survivability.
  • Autonomous Mortar – automatic movement mortar system, fully integrated with C2, fire control systems, navigation, positing and communication, and leveraging existing platforms.

Battle Management Systems (BMS)

Elbit Systems WIN BMS is an essential add-on to virtually any combat vehicle mounted sensor or weapon system forming coordinated battle teams that perform their tasks with optimum precision. WIN BMS supports every requirement of battalion-and-below tactical units, meeting all their operational needs, including direct fire engagement & maneuver, indirect fire support, intelligence and logistics.
In addition to its combat networking capabilities, this “super” system of systems provides commanders and crewmen with simplified operational interface, enhanced situational awareness and data communication capabilities. Elbit Systems was chosen by the IMOD to serve as prime contractor for the IDF program of Battle Management Systems for Battalion Combat Teams.

Government Information Systems

Relevant, actionable and timely intelligence is required to successfully tackle a broad range of threats – war, crime, terror, political subversion, illegal immigration, smuggling, and more. Elbit Systems Land and C4I – Tadiran supplies systems for intelligence gathering as well as tools for processing and evaluation.

  • WiT™ (Wise Intelligence Technology) provides advanced tools for supporting every stage of the intelligence process, from planning and direction, to collection, processing, analysis and evaluation, dissemination and re-evaluation. Field proven, fully operational and easily customizable, WiT™ is a end-to-end solution which includes the reception, adaption and conversion of intelligence data from multiple collection sources, databases and sensors; intelligence data processing; assisting intelligence personnel in the analysis and evaluation of information; and ultimately disseminating intelligence to the intended recipient.
  • ICE (Integrative Component-based Exploitation) is a fully integrative, multi-sensor exploitation system that offers an end-to-end solution for the entire operational cycle of satellite and airborne digital imagery. A unified solution based on imagery data derived from a variety of sensors (satellite, airborne, UAV, electro-optic, infrared or video), ICE integrates acquired data with complementary  intelligence information, enabling interpreters to benefit from a fully-detailed intelligence information interview.

Digital Army and HQ C4I Systems

Elbit Systems is taking the lead in developing a Digitized Army, which will operate under one comprehensive concept combining all present C4I systems. Our aim is to significantly upgrade the fighting capabilities of all land forces and ensure an excellent overall C4I HQ command network.
Elbit Systems’ comprehensive C4I integration will optimize the decision making process, increasing survivability and lethality while decreasing manpower and resources.
The force-multiplying benefits are as follows:
  • Comprehensive integration
  • Optimizing decision-making processes
  • Improving survivability
  • Improving efficiency
  • Decreasing manpower and resources requirements
  • Improving lethality

Ruggedized Tactical Terminals

The Enhanced Tactical Computer (ETC) Tactical PC brings the power and versatility of cutting edge personal computers to the battle field.
Its sun readable display, multiple I/O capabilities and full Mil-Spec grade environmental specifications make it an effective solution for combat C4I terminals. Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) architecture allows for easy and low-cost upgrades and keeps the ETC adaptable to emerging new technologies.
The ETC’s outstanding performance has made it the choice of many armed forces worldwide, including the IDF and several NATO armies. Combat-proven, the ETC is installed in a wide range of armored vehicles such as MBTs (Merkava, M60), Howitzers and mortars (M109, MN9, TIG2000, DANA etc), APCs, attack helicopters, fixed and mobile shelters. Thousands of units are currently in production; hundreds are already operational on the battlefield.

Tactical Communications

IMINT Systems

Border Security Systems

Long-Range Communication System