Lines of Business

Quality Assurance

Primary control methods in place at Elbit Systems – Cyclone (“Cyclone”) include vigorous  SPC programs, formal manufacturing and service process control as well as proactive supplier and subcontractor control. We believe in problem presentation, detection and correction, which keeps problematic issues that actually occur to a minimum. Components undergo rigid in-process and final inspection procedures, including highly advanced NDT methods (X-ray fluoroscopy, ultrasound testing and fluorescent-penetrate crack detection), in addition to conventional conductivity and metallographic tests. Cyclone implements Quality Management System – accordance to  ISO-9001:2008 and AS9100:2008. The Cyclone plant is ISO 9001/AS9100 qualified.
Cyclone also has a NADCAP accreditation. NADCAP is an industry managed program run by the Performance Review Institute; Cyclone’s OEM customers such as Boeing require this accreditation. Cyclone has been audited and is certified for five different special processes which include: Heat Treatment); NDT; Chemical Processing); Composites; and Welding.
Cyclone’s Quality Requirement Qualifications and Certifications include:
NADCAP Heat Treating
NADCAP Composite 
NADCAP Chemical Processing
AS-9100 -2000
MIL-STD-410E, Non-Destructive Testing Personnel Qualification Certification
ISO-9001/AS9100, Quality Systems for Quality Assurance in Design, Development, Production and Services
Israel Civil Aviation Authority – Aircraft Repair Station
Statistical Process Control (SPC) System Approval – Lockheed Martin Tactical Aircraft Systems

Composite Technologies

Elbit Systems – Cyclone’s Composite Department develops and manufactures parts and components for various aircraft and offers customers a full-range composite material technology, including:

  • Clean Room Lay-up & Autoclave Curing
  • Metal Bonding (Clean Room & Autoclave)
  • Resin Transfer Molding (RTM)
  • Filament Winding
  • Wet Lay-up
  • Hot Press Molding
  • Autoclave size (10ft dia. x 30ft long)
Composites tools manufacturing technologies include:
  • Loft Data Base Master Tools
  • Prepreg Lay-up Tools
  • RTM Tools

Engineering Capabilities

Elbit Systems – Cyclone (“Cyclone”) Engineering team is highly experienced, skillful and professional. Starting with design engineering and following through with final product manufacturing, the engineering team performs ongoing verification of the processes and stages to ensure full compliance with engineering specifications. Effective interaction between all manufacturing groups lends to the superior quality and continual process improvement evident at Cyclone.
The engineering organization provides continual input into the MRP system, operation sheets, tooling design, machining programs, and tool data, effectively providing production support and liaison activities. Planners take part in Material Review Boards with “Rework” or “Repair” decisions. The planning office includes a range of professional groups such as Planner for Machined Parts, Planner for Sheet Metal Parts, Jigs and Fixtures Designers, Cutters and Tool Designers, NC Programmers and Computer Support.
Cyclone engineering capabilities include:
  • Structure Development Design
  • Structure Modification Design
  • New Stores Configuration
  • Complete Modification Package
  • Avionics Installation Design
  • Cockpit Design
  • DASH – Crew Integration Design
  • Wiring Design
  • Safety
  • Production Engineering
  • Planning, Production & Tool Design
  • Configuration Management
Cyclone uses the front line engineering design tools required for aerospace structural engineering.
These design tools include:
  • CAD System
    • CATIA (V5 & V4)
    • Unigraphics (NX 4)
    • CAD/CAM Cimatron
    • Solidworks
  • Analytic Tools for Stress Analysis:
    • MSC/Nastran FEM analysis program (UNIX and WINDOWS)
    • ANSYS
  • Electrical Harnesses Design:
    • Cimacable
    • L-CABLE (mentor graphics)
    • Wire Cable System (WCS)
  • Others (Composites design, Aerodynamics, Thermal, W&B, ELA)
Structural Analysis:

Cyclone’s engineering capabilities include the use of upfront tools for analysis of parameters such as:
  • Strength
  • Fatigue
  • Vibrations
Other Analysis Capabilities:
  • Aerodynamics
  • Thermal
  • Electrical load
  • Weight & balance
Development and Design of Unique Products:
  • F16 600 gallon external fuel tank.
  • F16 vertical ejection bomb rack (ver-2).
  • F16 weapon pylon for station 2-8.
  • Bomb carrying fuel tank for mirage and KFIR aircraft
  • Multi-store carriage (MSC) for six bombs, for Mirage and KFIR.
  • Multipurpose pylon for F-4
Production Tools Design:

Cyclone’s Engineers design fixtures to enable the performance of assembly operations.  The design of the fixtures is coordinated with the requirements for a particular operation. On the basis of the type, amount and complexity of operations, the Engineering Department orders or designs special tools for the performance of various activities. 
Tooling Capabilities:
  • Jig and Fixtures Design
  • Numerical Data Base Master Tools
  • Loft Data Base Master Tools
  • Prepare Lay-up Tools
  • Wet Lay-up Tools – Resin Infusion
  • RTM Tools
Composites Lay-Up Tools:
Cyclone provides f its own tooling design and manufacture. The composites tooling includes Resin Infusion Tools, bonding tools and lay-up tools.