Major Activities – Land Vehicle Systems and Upgrade

We upgrade and modernize tanks, other combat vehicles and artillery platforms, both as a prime contractor and as a systems supplier to leading platform manufacturers. Our land vehicle and platform solutions cover the entire combat vehicle spectrum, from complete modernization, to system supply to maintenance depots and life cycle support services. Our systems are operational on a full range of tracked and wheeled combat vehicles including main battle tanks, medium and light tanks, light armored vehicles, armored personnel carriers, wheeled vehicles and artillery platforms. We offer a range of artillery and mortar solutions. We also develop and supply unmanned ground vehicles and robotic devices for a variety of land based missions. In addition, we supply training systems for tanks and fighting vehicles.

Our portfolio of systems and products for land vehicles includes fire control systems, electric gun and turret drive systems, laser warning and threat detection systems, unmanned turrets, remote controlled weapon stations (for land and naval platforms), unmanned ground vehicles, combat vehicle C4I systems, targeting systems, artillery gun and mortar systems, mortar ammunition, driver thermal vision systems, life support systems, auxiliary power units and hydraulic systems.

 We are engaged in a wide range of land vehicle systems programs, from comprehensive vehicle modernization programs, to stand-alone system supply to vehicle manufacturers to life cycle support programs. Customers for our land vehicle systems include numerous armed forces and homeland security agencies, as well as major military vehicle manufacturers around the world. Examples of recent program awards for land vehicle programs include contracts for the upgrade of tanks for an Asia-Pacific region customer, and the supply of upgraded armored personnel carriers for the Philippine Armed Forces.