Major Activities – Homeland Security Systems

We design, manufacture and integrate a wide range of comprehensive homeland security and para-government systems and products covering diverse scenarios and applications. These include integrated land, maritime and coastal control and surveillance systems, airport and seaport security systems, border control systems, “safe city” systems for crime and terror detection and crises management, large venue security systems, access and border registration control systems and transportation security systems.  Our homeland security systems and products also include C4I homeland security applications, our WideBridge™  broadband communication system, facility perimeter security products, electronic fences, electro-optic surveillance systems, tactical mini-UAS, communications systems and training and simulation solutions for defense, police, airport, border patrol and coast guard applications, energy and critical infrastructure protection and other homeland security and first responder uses.

 We perform a range of homeland security-related programs for national, regional and municipal security authorities, including airport, border guard and coastal control authorities. Customers for our homeland security systems include a range of governmental agencies, commercial airports, border and security forces, security organizations and first responders.  Examples of recent program awards and activities in the homeland security area include initiation of the first phase of the Integrated Fixed Towers program for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency and the award of contracts for homeland security solutions for Latin American customers.