Major Activities – C4I Systems

Building on in-house capabilities and core technologies, we provide net-centric compatible solutions for land-based C4I systems ranging from target acquisition, to battle management to communication systems. We supply our advanced land-based C4I systems as part of turn-key solutions as well as on a stand-alone basis. Our solutions cater to all types of land combatant and homeland security forces and can be integrated into military  and other types of vehicles. Providing comprehensive net-centric solutions for low intensity conflicts (LIC) and counter-terror activities, our systems connect intelligence data to combat and homeland security forces via C4I networks and mobile command and control posts and support “terrain dominance”. Our integrated infantry systems provide infantry units with C4ISR, field intelligence, urban warfare and peacekeeping capabilities. We also have access to a full range of radio and military communications solutions.

Our portfolio of systems and products in the land C4I area includes Digital Army “system of systems” for net centric operational effectiveness and connectivity throughout all land forces echelons.  Our portfolio also includes battle management systems, artillery C4I systems, observation and ground reconnaissance systems, enhanced tactical computers and ruggedized personal data assistants,  MapCore™ software design kit for mapping capabilities, ground smart display units, military IT systems and tactical battle company training systems.  Our ground communications portfolio includes radio and communication systems and products, based in part of the Tadiran product line, software defined radios, integrated radio communication systems, satellite-on-the-move solutions and tactical radio power amplifiers. Our radio and communications portfolio enables deployment of a full military network for the complete range of scenarios and terrain.

We perform a broad range of C4I battle management systems, soldier mounted systems and radio and communications programs with land-based applications. Our customers include a wide range of  ground forces and governmental agencies worldwide. Examples of recent program awards in this area include contracts for the supply of C4I systems to the IMOD, C4I systems to a Latin American country and ELSAT 2100 satellite-on-the-move systems for the Canadian Armed Forces.