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Cyber Security Training Courses and Cyber Training Range

Responding to cyber attacks is critical to maintaining business functionality and with a global skills shortage, recruiting experienced staff is difficult. So why not enhance your staff’s existing skills base to make your organisation more resilient?

Elbit Systems of Australia (ELSA) offers training courses on the world’s most advanced cyber security simulator. This cyber security training range is an advanced platform being used around the world to hone the skills of ICT staff in dealing with cyber attacks.

Cyber Training Range – What does it do?

The Cyber Range simulates networks, traffic and threats over virtual machines. The simulated network is injected with traffic simulating typical activity such as user emails, web surfing and server communications. Real life attack scenarios are then injected into the network.

Trainees then face the real threats and need to:  Identify, Track, Investigate, Respond and Remediate

Each session is recorded and documented on a timeline to be replayed and reviewed in a debriefing session. Trainees skills and capabilities are evaluated for further reference and training.

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Course Outline

This Cyber Simulation training provides a wide selection of simulated training scenarios, from beginner level to advanced incident response scenarios. Scenarios are tailored for multiple roles in the organisation, including incident responders, analysts, red teams, business executives and students. Industrial control attack scenarios are available for critical infrastructure attack simulation.

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Course Location:

Our principal location is in Brisbane but we have a mobile Cyber Range that we can bring to your site. If you are interested in a course delivered at your site, please contact us for further information. 

Course Duration: up to 5 days. The course is based around the number of attack scenarios the trainees will face. We can be adapt the length of the course to your organisation’s needs.

Course Inclusions:

Upon completion Trainees will receive a Certificate of Completion detailing the skills attained and a Course Handbook

Course Cost: $3850 ex GST* per Trainee for 5 days, however cost may vary depending on training location and course length. Please contact us for a quote.

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