Commercial Aviation

Commercial Aviation

Bringing together a world of experience to enhance performance, situational awareness, safety and survivability, Elbit Systems is applying our accumulated technological expertise in design, development and integration of today’s most cutting-edge systems to commercial platforms.

Elbit Systems, leveraging our core competencies in defense systems, as well as our legacy strengths in commercial aviation products, operates in many fields of the Commercial and Business Aviation market. These activities include:

– Our commercial avionics offerings range from complete integrated glass-cockpit suites to sophisticated Enhanced Vision Systems (EVS), and head-up displays (HUD), which  increase the pilot’s situational awareness and flight safety. We also provide other avionics systems and products such as flight management systems, digital map systems and multifunction displays. Design, development and production of these advanced systems, from advanced EVS systems to LCD displays and advanced avionics software that meets the most stringent aviation standards, are all performed by our dynamic engineering force throughout our worldwide facilities.

– Elbit Systems’ aerostructures capabilities include  the design, development and production of advanced composite and metal aircraft structure assemblies and components. Our customer base includes major Business Aviation and Commercial Aviation aircraft OEM’s and after-market centers. Product offerings include primary and secondary composite and metal structures such as: pressurized and non-pressurized doors, control surfaces, composite beams, pylons, blended wing-tips (winglets), nacelles and more.

Aircraft Systems
– We design and provide systems for commercial aircraft including advanced cabin pressurization control systems, air data systems and a multitude of custom-made electric power and control systems. Our product offering combines years of experience with modern technology. Designed to minimize cost, weight, and space, these systems meet the needs of advanced business and commuter aircraft.