AI-63 Solutions

The IA-63 “Pampa” aircraft is a single-engine, high-wing monoplane platform developed by Dornier/FMA. The “Alpha Jet” was selected as a basis for the design. The Argentine Air Force is the sole operator of the IA-63 Pampa, which  underwent two upgrade phases by Elbit Systems:.

In the first phase, in 2001-2004, the “PAMPA II” upgrade included aircraft structure modifications and an avionics upgrade for the role of advanced preliminary trainer for the A-4 AR. The avionics included: Mission Computer (MC), modern cockpit equipped with HUD, UFCP, CTVS, HOTAS, MFCD(5″x7″),  DVR, Enhanced Navigation System RNAV, EGIR,  STBY ADI & Compass, new backup flight instruments, IFF, RALT, GPS, as well as a new armament system, enabling advanced execution of Air to Ground Close Air Support (CAS) and Air-to-Air missions.

The program included full Integrated Logistics Support (ILS), Briefing/Debriefing systems including GSE (Ground Support Equipment) for Mission planning and I & O Level Maintenance. 

The current “PAMPA III” upgrade is based on F-16C/D concepts and includes full FWD and AFT NVG compatible Glass Cockpits: 3X MFCD(5″x7″) with Option Selection Switches (OSS), Digital Data Acquisition Unit for the engine and A/C systems (DAU), ADAHRS, TARGO™ Helmet Mounted Avionics, Embedded Virtual Training (EVA), and new activation panels.