Helmet Mounted Systems

We design and supply advanced helmet mounted systems (HMS), including helmet mounted displays (HMDs) for fixed-wing aircraft and rotary aircraft pilots. These systems and displays include tracking and display systems, both for day and night flying. Our systems measure the pilot’s line-of-sight, slave applicable systems to the target, identify target location and bring displays to the pilot’s eye level. We supply our HMS as part of our upgrade programs as well as on a stand-alone basis. Through our jointly-owned companies with Rockwell Collins, (see above “Significant Subsidiaries – Elbit Systems of America”), we are a leader in HMS for fighter aircraft.

Our portfolio of helmet mounted systems for fixed-wing aircraft includes the HMS for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System (JHMCS), the TARGO™ family of helmet mounted avionics, the Display and Sight Helmet (DASH) family and the Night Vision Cueing Display (NVCD) system. Our HMS for helicopters include the Aviator Night Vision Imaging System Head-Up Display (ANVIS/HUD™) family, the Integrated Helmet and Display Sight System (IHADSS), Helmet Display Tracker Systems (HDTS), the Panoramic Night Vision Google (PNVG), as well as low visibility landing solutions such as the BrightNite™ system. We are engaged in a range of programs for HMS for fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. Customers and end users for our HMS include numerous air forces and other governmental defense and homeland security forces worldwide, as well as aircraft and helicopter manufacturers.