EW and SIGINT Systems

We supply multi-spectral EW self-protection suites and systems for airborne, ground and naval platforms, including advanced electronic countermeasure (ECM) systems for radar, missiles and communication and electronic support measure, (ESM) solutions, including missile warning systems, laser warning systems and radar warning receivers. We also furnish SIGINT systems, including ELINT, COMINT and direction finding systems, designed for air, ground and naval platforms and applications.

Our portfolio in the EW and SIGINT areas includes protection, intelligence and communications solutions for air, ground and naval applications. We offer EW self-protection suites, including radio frequency, radar warning receivers and laser warning systems, for all airborne platform types. We also offer IR-based missile warning systems for advanced combat aircraft as well as for other fixed-wing and rotor platforms. In addition, we provide ESM for threat identification. We also provide SIGINT systems for tactical and strategic intelligence gathering including ELINT and ECM for naval, ground and airborne applications, COMINT and communication jamming systems, counter improvised explosive devices jamming systems for ground forces and cyber protection capabilities. We also supply radar solutions, data links and video dissemination systems and search and rescue systems for pilots and rescue teams. In addition, we develop the command and control system for anti-ballistic missiles, including the Arrow missile program and the David Sling anti-missile defense program, and are the developer of the core of the Israel Test Bed simulator for ballistic missile defense systems. Customers for our EW, SIGINT and COMINT systems include governmental armed forces and homeland security agencies as well as major defense contractors.