Commercial Aviation Systems and Aero Structures

We provide a range of systems and products for the commercial and business aviation market. These activities mainly include vision-based cockpit concept systems, other avionics systems, electrical systems and aerostructure products. Our commercial avionics systems are employed on fixed-wing aircraft and commercial helicopters. Our aerostructure products are installed on commercial aircraft.

Our portfolio of systems in the commercial aviation area includes vision-based cockpit systems such as ClearVision™, Skylens™, EVS II and EVS-SP multi-spectral enhanced vision systems (EVS) and our Landing™ system. It also includes full avionic suites for commercial helicopters and air data test equipment and air data processor/sensor systems and flight instrumentation for the general avionics market. Our aerostructure products for commercial aviation include pressurized and non-pressurized doors, composite beans and winglets. Customers for our commercial and business aviation systems and products and aerostructures products include major aircraft manufacturers and aircraft operators around the world.